5 eBay Selling Tips for Newbies

Iím directing this article to those who are just starting their eBay Selling Venture. Whether youíre selling books, DVDs, CDs, collectibles or clothing, all things (with the exception of eBooks and services) need to be mailed. And itís the postage, handling fees and mailing that seems to cause a great deal of angst among new sellers. Best Microwave oven in India

Youíve heard the advice ñ donít overcharge for shipping. That is very good advice, indeed, as nothing turns off potential buyers like sellers who gouge you on the shipping costs. Itís also a practice that can rack up bad feedback.

However, Iím going to play Devilís Advocate here and suggest that you donít go overboard and give so much of a break on shipping that youíre chipping away at your profits. Itís good to remember the ìhidden costsî of shipping: bubble wrap to secure your breakables, tape, shipping envelopes, boxes, etc. Then thereís the gas you put in your car to take all those trips to the post office.

You might think Iím being cheap, but, if you added up all your eBay expenses for the year (as some did for their recent taxes) you might be shocked to see how all the packing materials and gas for your car added up and took a little chunk out of your eBay profits. And, believe me, they do add up.

Some people are even more surprised to find they underestimated the weight of their packages, causing their profits to shrink even further.

How can you be fair to both you and your buyers?

1. Buy a scale. It may sound simple, but purchasing a scale can save you a bundle in shipping. If youíre just eyeballing the weight of the package, you can often times guess too low, and be in for quite a shock when you go to the post office and see the package is going to cost twice what you thought to ship.