5 Big Mistakes That Bloggers Make

If you’ve just entered the world of blogging or if you’ve been blogginh for a short time and find that things are not working out as you expected, it will be worth your while to spend some time understanding the common mistakes that bloggers make, mistakes that make it hard to enjoy what should be an enjoyable, satisfying experience: Blogging Adsense!

The five most common new blogger mistakes are:

Diving in (rather than wading in)

Having unrealistic expectations

Losing focus


Ignoring the reader

Diving in! Many bloggers are so anxious to get started that they dive in rather than wading in slowly — its a mistake in an unfamiliar swimming pool or pond and its a mistake when entering a new arena such as the ‘blogosphere.’ Consider these things before you start your Blog:

Find a focus for your blog . . . a focus that reflects what you know, what interests you and what you enjoy talking and writing about. No topics are out of bounds: politics, religion, science, sexual orientations, comedy, exercise, diet, diseases, etc., etc..

Take the time to read dozens of different blogs: note the colors, graphics and layouts to get an idea of what appeals to you. Also note that some bloggers are long-winded and others are brief and to the point . . . others are just chatty and entertaining and have no particular point to make . . . this too is a personal style you get to choose.

You need a host for your blog, some are free, some charge a small amount per month for their service, some are simple to use and some require more technical knowledge, some have more features than others; choose carefully, once you’ve established your blog and have a few regular readers you may not want to change your address (your URL).

You may or may not want to use your real name on your blog, this depends on many factors, not the least of which is your stance on controversial issues and how publicly you want to be identified with your opinions.

Unrealistic expectations! If you come to blogging expecting instant results: a large readership and many complimentary comments, you may be disappointed. There are tens of thousands of blogs online vying for the same audience. Patience and tenacity are essential on your part. If you write well, find a unique niche to fill, have appealing titles for your posts and tirelessly promote your blog the readership and comments (some of which will be complimentary) will come.

Losing focus! When you started your blog you had a particular reason for doing so; it might have been to express your views on a topic or it might have been to just communicate with a close circle of friends about your daily activities. Readers will come to your blog for the first time and either be interested in your subject matter or not, will either like your style or not and, if they like your subject and style they may comment and then come back later. Once you’ve established a topic and tone for your blog you’re free to change it but to do so you’re basically starting all over.

Be aware that you can have more than one blog, each one devoted to a particular topic and each one, if you choose, under a different identity.

Plagiarizing! There are some great bloggers out there and as you surf through blogs you might find one who said something really well, something that resonated with you and something you want to put in your blog. DON’T just copy and paste someone’s words in your blog without giving them credit, making it look to the world like the words are yours. If you write it, write it in your own words and write it better, adding your own thoughts and feelings and then be gracious, mention where you got the idea and provide a link.

Ignoring the reader! Some of the people who read your blog will leave comments; some readers will agree with you and some readers may even praise your insights but most will pick a point you’ve made and criticize it. People leave comments on others blogs for the same reason they themselves blog, to exchange ideas and express their points of view. Always respond to your readers comments; thank them for reading and taking the time to comment (even the severe critics) and then respond, as appropriate, to their comment. If you ignore your comments your readers may end up ignoring your blog.

Internet Marketing with Postcards

These days an internet marketing strategy plays a vital role in the overall marketing plan of any small business.  Getting your website viewed is important for any size business – large or small usps certified mail tracking.
Remember:  You can’t put up a terrific web site on-line and ìhopeî that people will just arrive. You have to let your prospects know, IN EVERY POSSIBLE WAY, that your web site is there. This HAS to be part of any Internet Marketing Strategy you develop.  This is actually a basic marketing principle.  Unless you have something as needed and wanted as the original and authentic Fountain of Youth, your customers are not going to look for you; you have to look for them.
There is a lot of hullabaloo about promoting your web site.  In fact, building traffic to your web site is the subject of thousands of web sites, e-zines, books, courses and seminars.  Using the web to promote your site, however, still assumes that your customers are surfers.  Even though you may be an avid internet user, there is a large percentage of our population that are not as savvy with the internet as we would like them to be.
So, what do you do about this large percentage of the population who are not internet adept?  They will only find out about you through traditional marketing and public relations media. This is particularly true if you serve a fairly local market. Fortunately these are the easiest and cheapest prospects for you to reach off-line.
Off-Line Internet Marketing Strategies are still alive.  I recently read a statistic of the US Postal Service that stated that consumers spend an average of 25 minutes with Direct Mail and 30 minutes with catalogs.  (There are more facts in the Mail Moment series of free white papers form the USPS.)  Yes, they may go through their mail like Speed Racer and cull through the mail they want and the mail they donít want at record velocity; but those that catch their eye and grab their attention, they actually read and spend time doing so.
You need to tap into that market and utilize that statistic.  Become part of that pile of mail that your prospective consumer spends time reading.  Direct Mail should be a pivotal point of your on-line marketing strategy.  You need to ensure that you have a direct mail marketing campaign to drive traffic to your web site.
Below is a small list of some of the ways to make your web site known (this list was taken directly from the Traffic Building Volume of Ken Evoy’s brilliant book
ï TV, print and other advertising
ï Stationary and business cards
ï Catalogs, fliers, billboards, blimps, etc.
ï Direct mail (prominently on every document)
ï Telemarketing (make it part of the script)
ï News releases to targeted media.
The main principle, to which you can add all your imagination, is:
Unless you have a high budget, the TV, radio, classified ad route is not recommended but if you do run ads, be sure to mention your web site everywhere. Make it part of your Internet Marketing Strategy.
Another guiding principle is that your off-line internet marketing activities should make it easy for your prospect to go straight to your site.  One of the best ways to market your website off-line is direct mail postcards.
If your prospect sees your website on a billboard as she’s driving home, she probably won’t look you up when she gets to the office the next day.
This is not the only medium that has problems like this.  Newspapers are bulky, radio has to spell it out and with billboards most people are driving at the time.  On the other hand, if your prospect is sitting at her computer and a postcard comes in the mail announcing your web site, she can just turn around and type in your URL and she’s at your web site.
Now, if someone is in the office reading a trade journal and comes across an article about you in the magazine, it’s not difficult for him to copy your URL into his browser and pay your site a visit.  If they are not in the office, there will be a lag time in logging into your web site.  Also a percentage of those journal readers may not write the web address down or even remember to check out your site.
I donít mean to say that those other avenues wonít drive traffic to your site, but it will take numerous impressions and repetition to get them to remember your address.
On the other hand, direct mail postcards are generally received at the home or office where a computer is present, and if received somewhere else they are small enough to keep with you until you can get to a computer.  This way, your prospective customer will be able to take the postcard right over to their desk top computer, type in your address and go right to your site.  Brilliant!
I have seen the greatest success in off-line web site promotion with direct mail, and specifically direct mail postcards.  The most successful people on the internet market with Direct Mail to drive traffic to their site.  The virtual world is just that ñ virtual.  It really is not the real world so if you want your virtual business to be creditable in the real world, apply real world principles.  Direct Mail Postcard Marketing will give you the credibility that you seek and will drive copious amounts of traffic to your web site.  Ah, nirvana!

5 eBay Selling Tips for Newbies

Iím directing this article to those who are just starting their eBay Selling Venture. Whether youíre selling books, DVDs, CDs, collectibles or clothing, all things (with the exception of eBooks and services) need to be mailed. And itís the postage, handling fees and mailing that seems to cause a great deal of angst among new sellers. Best Microwave oven in India

Youíve heard the advice ñ donít overcharge for shipping. That is very good advice, indeed, as nothing turns off potential buyers like sellers who gouge you on the shipping costs. Itís also a practice that can rack up bad feedback.

However, Iím going to play Devilís Advocate here and suggest that you donít go overboard and give so much of a break on shipping that youíre chipping away at your profits. Itís good to remember the ìhidden costsî of shipping: bubble wrap to secure your breakables, tape, shipping envelopes, boxes, etc. Then thereís the gas you put in your car to take all those trips to the post office.

You might think Iím being cheap, but, if you added up all your eBay expenses for the year (as some did for their recent taxes) you might be shocked to see how all the packing materials and gas for your car added up and took a little chunk out of your eBay profits. And, believe me, they do add up.

Some people are even more surprised to find they underestimated the weight of their packages, causing their profits to shrink even further.

How can you be fair to both you and your buyers?

1. Buy a scale. It may sound simple, but purchasing a scale can save you a bundle in shipping. If youíre just eyeballing the weight of the package, you can often times guess too low, and be in for quite a shock when you go to the post office and see the package is going to cost twice what you thought to ship.

4 Dangers In Flipping Real Estate

If you have recently purchased some real estate for investment purposes, you are in good company. Recent reports suggest that as many as 25% of these purchases are made by those who plan on using the property for investment purposes only. If you hope to “flip” the property there are 4 things you must be aware of that can put a crimp on your profits.

1. Property Taxes. Keep the property for a few years and you may experience a surge in property taxes especially if your taxes are reevaluated during that time. Some hot real estate markets have seen taxes nearly double in just 5 or 6 years bounce house rentals near Mississippi.

2. Renovation Expenses. You may have purchased a “fixer upper” at a bargain rate. Once your project is complete will you be able to recover the expenses and make a profit especially if the value of your renovated property is above those in your neighborhood? In addition, can you withstand a correction in real estate values?

3. Insurance and Mortgage Costs. You will pay more for homeowners insurance if you do not occupy the residence and you have tenants. If you are financing the property you know that your mortgage rate is higher as well.

4. Rental Pressures. A market saturated with rentals will mean that the rents you can charge will be less than what you had hoped to receive. In some markets you are required to get special licensing in order to be a landlord. In other markets the legal rights of tenants mean you could have a lengthy and expensive battle in ridding yourself of a bad tenant. Will the lower income levels coupled with the added expenses drag your investment down?

Of course, you can limit your risks [and costs] by doing the majority of the upgrades yourself, appealing excessive property tax increases, and finding for yourself a trusted and dependable tenant. It isn’t easy flipping a home, but with a lot of pluck and determination it can result in strong profits for you.

What is Blogging??

If writing is an art, then, blogging is one way of using words to come up with an art. This is because people who are into blogging are the ones who are artistic on their own sense, carefully choosing words that would best describe their feelings, sentiments, wishes, desires, and everything.

Basically, blogs were first introduced as weblogs that refer to a ìserverís log file.î It was created when web logging hit the virtual market. Since its inception in the mid-1990s, web logging gradually saturated the virtual community making the Internet a viable source of greater information Buy real youtube views.

However, with web logging, you still need a web site and domain names, but with blogging, you do not need anything just an account with blog providers. In most cases, these kinds of blogs are free of charge.

With the onset of blogging in the industry, personal journaling had been a common ground for people who wish to be known all over the world. However, not literally famous as this is not a case on being popular or well-known personality.

Generally, blogs are created for personal use. Like a journal, people can write their daily adventures, sentiments, and whatever ideas they want to express online.

Nevertheless, with the advent of the online businesses, blogs had gradually taken the limelight in providing businesses a chance to boost their productivity online. This is where the business blogs have taken the limelight.

Business blogs are, basically, created to advertise the services or products of a certain web site or online business in order to increase online sales.

Moreover, business blogs are also one way of promoting the company so that the other readers will know that a certain company exists online. With blogs, entrepreneurs are able to establish a name in the virtual market through articles that can be very useful in the readerís life.

From there, you can make money out of blogs by simply syndicating it to your businessí web site. This can be done through the RSS technology.

So, if you are thinking to create a blog, whether for business or for pleasure, you need to know some tips that could help you get through and make your blog one of the interesting blogs online.

Hereís how:

1. Consider your audience

Even if your blog is generally personal, still, it would be better to consider the minds of your readers. You have to think of something that would interest them.

After all, most of the reasons of people who write blogs are not at all confined to their own personal motives. Most of them would love to be ìheardî (or read) and would love to be known, in some way or another, even for just a minute. Hence, it is very important to come with a write up that everybody can understand, not necessarily that these people can relate to it but they can understand it.

2. Pictures speaks a thousand words

To make your blogging worth the browsing effort of your readers, it would be extremely nice if you will put some pictures in it. It does not necessarily mean you have to place a picture of yourself. Any photographs will do as long as it does not pose danger or insult to anyone who will be reading your blog.

3. Make constructive and beneficial blogs

Even if you are free to write anything you wan to say to the world, still, it would be better to create some write-ups that would be beneficial to your readers.

After all, its information technology that you have there so better be inclined to provide information rather than sheer quirky entertainment.

4. Avoid making multifaceted and complicated blogs

In order to have an interesting blogs, try not to use some highly technical and highfalutin words. After all, it is not a science discourse or a debate that you are making, so better stick to simple facts and short blogs.

Bear in mind that most people who use the Internet usually do more scanning than scrutinizing each site word for word. Therefore, it would be better to come with blogs that will not bore your readers just because you have these lengthy articles.

5. Make it interactive

As much as possible and if your capacity will allow it, make your blog interactive. Yu can do this by placing some video or audio clips in your blog.

You can even place an area for comments or for some feedbacks. In this way, you can get some impressions or reactions of other people. Who knows, you might even gain some friends just by making them feel at home in your blog site.

Indeed, blogs are not created just for the mere fun of it. It also has its own purpose in the world of the Internet.
Therefore, for people who wish to harness their craft, as far as writing is concerned, blogs are the best way to do it.

As they say, blogging is the contemporary term of creative and commercial writing.

5 Essential Elements of Profitable Sites

What technology tools do successful websites use? Remember that a website is a store front; itís your customer service rep, delivery guy and your marketing department rolled up into one Buy Youtube Views..

People donít enter stores that have a closed sign at the door. (Well some do, butÖ you know, we talking about the law abiding kind here.) Nothing says ëClosedî louder on a website than old content: old date references and postings. So one of the best things you can do is to get a script that keeps the current date front and center for your visitors. You donít have to update it everyday ñ it does it all by itself.

Now that people think you are home, and open for business, they may inquire about your product. You must have a customer service desk. This can take the form of a form where they fill out their name and email. It can be to simply subscribe to your newsletter or they may have a specific question. If you want to have a ëstress-freeí site, try post an FAQ section ñ Frequently Asked Questions. Then one of the important things you will want to have is an autoresponder.

An autoresponder will keep your site in the mind space of your potential clients who have signed up for your newsletter or requested more information. It will send out preformatted emails at defined intervals automatically. Did you know that after 5 emails, the likelihood of making a sale increases steadily? It may seem like you are being intrusive, but they will be able to unsubscribe if they wish.

Urgency Sells: When you offer limited time offers, you cause people to make decisions. You need a script that keeps a deadline up to date on your website. It would generate a line that looks like this: This offer expires on XX/XX/XX, so act quick!

The Popup Generator – Pop up windows that appear on your web site when a visitor enters or leaves your web site have been shown to dynamically boost subscriber rates and sales. Even if you don’t have any programming knowledge, you’ll be able to add a popup to your site with a single click

Tell A Friend Generator – No matter what promotional tools you use on your site, no tool is a match for the power of viral marketing. Use this generator to create a quick, one-step button that you can add to your web site that will let your visitors tell their friends about your site with just one click! Add this to your site and watch a whole new flood of targeted traffic come in!

All these types of scripts are available for free or for a small fee online. I suggest that in addition to these sites, that you visit lots of sites you would like to emulate and see what they do well, what strategies are particularly effective and find ways to incorporate them.

I know even just the little bit above seems overwhelming. Well perhaps a mentor, someone who has done all the above and more would be of interest to you.

Thanks for reading,
Your Rich Cousin
(Author and Business Success Story) Get the free e-book that got me started and helped me start making money at http://www.richcousin.com It’s so straight forward and easy to understand AND you will have the support you need to start making a great income online.

6 Signs That A Job No Longer Works

Sometimes getting a new job is no longer the answer. We get to the point in our lives when a job no longer satisfies us. Working for someone else doesnít work anymore. Itís as if weíve outgrown working for someone else. This is a challenging realization and one that almost every entrepreneur comes to admit Npower Recruitment 2020.

We want more ñ but how do we know for sure? How do we even contemplate leaving the workforce? The one thing that provides our security and is like a lifeline for us? Here are 6 signs to let you know that youíre moving on ñ maybe not today, or tomorrow, but sometime in the future, you will be ready.

1. You have a yearning that wonít leave. In my small business seminars I have asked participants, ìhow many of you have had a yearning ñ a calling to do something different with your lives?î Almost all would raise their hands. They didnít know what the yearning was about ñ just that it was there.

2. You daydream about being a business owner. You might even have told friends or family about your business ideas. Sometimes you see your idea is now a business that someone else is running.

3. You are working for the ìpaycheckî. This is another tell-tale sign that the money is not enough. When we get to the point that the paycheck is the main reason we are working, we are getting close to the realization that this job, and perhaps any job, is no longer the answer.

4. You donít know what business you would start, even if you started one. This is very common and is one of the main reasons people donít leave their job. What I suggest is that you start an ìideasî journal. Just start jotting business ideas down ñ you donít have to do anything else. Once you open yourself to your ideas, they will continue to flow to you.

5. You are unfulfilled in a job ñ any job. It doesnít seem to matter how good the job is, how nice your office is or how big the paycheck is. Sooner or later you get that feeling ñ ìthis isnít it.î Itís such a disappointing moment. I know. Iíve been there. I was a ìserialî employee ñ I went from job to job ñ always good at what I did, but always got to this point and then left for the next job.

6. You have a ìreasonî you havenít started or even tried starting a business. We all have them ñ ìItís not the right time,î ìI need to wait until the kids are grown.î ìI need more savingsî, etc., etc. There will always be reasons. Pay attention to what you are telling yourself ñ to your thoughts. Take a look at your beliefs ñ sometimes they stop us in our tracks. I started a business as a single mom and left the workforce cold turkey, after three tries at quitting my job, I must admit. That was in 1998. Iím not saying this is ìthe wayî. What I am saying is that there is no right way ñ but there is a right way for you.

5 Years old and PREGNANT

This government’s new controversial plan to educate and tell our babies all about the birds and the bees. And comments from Deidre Sanders has impelled me to write this article. best water purifier in india

As young as five years of age, kiddies are to be primed for lessons on sex related issues in hope to help lower the number in teen pregnancies.

For gods sake we are talking about babies here who struggle to count to 10 as it is, without number 10 sticking its oar in. At least let the children hit puberty where their understanding is a slight clearer before this action is made law.

Research has proven that early education on matters as such, has helped teenagers to hold back on their urge to sample a taste of two becoming one.

The plan is expected to omit facts on genital warts etc and just provide details on the context of real life relationships not delving into the nitty gritty human plumbing as it was put, so the good news is, our babies escape listening to all the gory details that can result from unprotected sex.

If and when it comes into force and your child starts to show bodily interest in the opposite sex, then surely he/she has the right to know all the gruesome facts. Awareness should be top priority on the list of importance for fear of our children becoming involved with infected partners. The sad thing is not many carriers know that they have an STD and therefore are unaware to the hazardous health risks that they may generate through sexual contact.

The horrors of unsafe sex STDs genital warts an all is most certainly a deterrent giving kids second thoughts before going back for a seconds. Highlighting the pain and heartache from unsafe sex on a more serious note may help prevention; it is not to be ignored.

Tell me what 5 year old is going to give up their Barbie doll/remote control car for a bit of the other. What next a condom in their lunch box.

No doubt views will differ on this matter, some parents will welcome this decision then there will be the strongly opposed majority.

It seems from the snippet read; apparently parents can not rely on telling their children that underage sex is unacceptable.
Teaching infancy minded innocent children on what their bits are for may cause problems. Give a kid a bike he/she will ride it, give a piece of chocolate they will eat it, give them the ingredients like a penis/vagina/male/female then you have the perfect recipe for an early pregnancy, who knows even at the early age of 5 years old.

Our government already have our children walking round like little Joe Nineties (Boffins) I am totally aware of the importance of education for our families but teaching our kids on how to play mummies/daddies before they can even pronounce the very words, is beyond me.

As a protective parent I would like to think that I still have the right as a mother to teach my kids right from wrong. And what I see right for my child is what nature intended, to grow up and have a have a childhood. Parents will always rely on the advice they give to their children, whether they listen is a different matter.

Hearsay has it to say goodbye to the good old rubber dummy and make way for the new pacifier a rubber sheath.

4th of July games

Balloon pass – This game involves relaying a balloon down a line of people. Use balloons that are red, white and blue and tell the participants they will be using their hands and their legs to pass the balloon down the line. Create two teams of people, and line them up in straight lines. Give the first person a balloon and tell them to put it between their legs, passing the balloon to the next person in line with their legs only. That person will take the balloon and pass it to the next person by putting it over their head. That third person will put the balloon between their legs and pass to the next person like that. The game continues until the balloon has passed all the way down the line. If you have a small group, require that the balloon get passed down the line and back again before declaring a winner. Multiplayer games

Chalk it up – Pick a panel of judges (the oldest members of the family are the obvious picks) and have them become the official judges for a chalk contest. Break your guests into two teams (or more, depending on how many people are at the party) and give them each one or two containers of sidewalk chalk. Tell them to create a sidewalk picture that shows something patriotic, and tell them the flag must be included in the picture. Give them a time limit (depending on your group, this time limit might range from 10 minutes to 45 minutes) and then have the judges declare a winner after they have carefully examined all the artwork. You could have art-themed prizes for the winners.

Parade – One fun 4th of July activity that just screams “4th of July!” is a parade with decorated bikes, scooters and the like. Ask everyone who comes to the party to decorate their bike or scooter or other item in patriotic garb. You can have people bring them to the party already decorated and have a contest for “best bike”, etc., but also fun is to have a decorating party within the party. Have all the items on hand to decorate the bikes and scooters and skateboards. You might have streamers, banners, flags, and ribbons. The children and adults can decorate their bikes and scooters as a party activity.

Guessing Game – These games are always popular for just about any occasion. Fill a large jar with peppermint candy (the red and white striped kind) and decorate it with blue and red ribbon. Have people guess how many candies are in the jar (which of course means you count as you place the candies in the jar). The winner, or the person who comes closest to the number without going over, gets the jar of candy.

Fireworks – If you’re having fireworks at your home, you might have a big box of assorted fireworks. Everyone has their personal favorites and people might have clear ideas of what they want to see and hear. You can play a game to determine who gets to pick the next firework to go off next. You might ask trivia questions (why are there 13 stars on the flag?). Or you can have a dance off. While music plays in the background, each person who really wants to pick the next firework to go off has to dance the craziest, silliest dance they can come up with. Someone who’s been designated a judge will decide who won the dance off and that person gets to pick the next fireworks item. Unless there are more fireworks than people, each person only gets to pick once.

Double Your eBay Sales In 30 Days!

First, and as important to your success as anything you learn here, is clearly understanding how eBay users find things to spend their money on.
No matter what type of buyer they are, no matter where they come from, they all use the same tool to find auction ads; Best keyword research to SEMRush review

“They use the search bar to type in general terms..!”

Very rarely do buyers check the “Search Title and Description” checkbox and start browsing the more specific results. Heck; the checkbox isn’t even an option on the front page of eBay, you actually have to do an “Advanced Search” to even have that option. This just confirms the importance of your title keywords.

Some do browse categories rather than search, but we’re mainly concerned with general majorities here, not exceptions to the rule.

In case you’re unaware, this means that most searches are ONLY CHECKING YOUR TITLE, not the words in the description area of your ad!!!

Experience tells me that, since you now know this, you are actually way ahead of 70% of the other eBay sellers out there; and that’s a very conservative estimate..!

Now that you have a clear understanding of the importance of your title keywords, here’s a priority list for precisely picking the right ones for each of your ads:

Take these rules literally, but understand that each of these will not apply to every ad that you run. You have a maximum of 55 characters allowed for your title and just try your best to achieve as many of these as possible in this limited space.

1. Obvious keywords that are specific to the product you’re selling and make sure that they are spelled correctly.
2. One or Two misspellings of the obvious keywords from the last rule. (Google says that 33% of all searches are misspelled) …CATCH THAT? One Third! Don’t Forget This Part.
3. One or Two general eBay keywords such as “nr”, “n/r”, “no reserve”, “free shipping”, or “lot”. These are keywords that a lot of pro buyers search for.
4. Other general keywords like “new”, “free”, “excellent”, “pc”, “usb”, “dvd”, “wholesale”, or “supplies”. You can only use ones that are relevant to the product you’re selling, but these are very powerful.

Now, take these rules and create a list on a piece of paper each time you’re about to list an ad. Usually the list is way too big to fit into the title. Once your list is done, start narrowing down the list using the priority structure that I just gave you until they do fit into the 55 character limit.

If you have more than one of the item to sell and intend to list multiple copies of your ad, be certain to take the time to create different titles for each one!!! If you don’t, and you just use the same title for each copy; you’re just wasting money. Multiple versions of the same ad with different titles for each can really increase your traffic.